Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it Time for "Dry Fly Only" Regulations? Part 2

Here's a taste of knowledge from:
Nymph-Fishing Rivers and Streams
A Biologist's View of Taking Trout Below the Surface by Rick Hafele
by Rick Hafele

Why Fish Nymphs?
The answer to this question may seem obvious: We fish nymphs because they catch fish. But many other types of flies also catch fish, and many fly fishers who never use nymphs still catch plenty of fish. So why fish nymphs? Well, there are many times when fishing nymphs is the most effective way to catch fish, and in some situations it may be the only way you will catch fish. This is because fish spend considerable periods of time feeding exclusively on nymphal food forms underwater. Numerous studies have confirmed that 70 to 90 percent of a trouts diet is composed of insects in the underwater nymphal stages. So if you never use nymphs, you are missing out on numerous opportunities to increase your fishing success.
But there's another reason I fish nymphs. I find it a grand mystery. Think about it: When fishing dry flies, you see where and how the fish are feeding and what they are feeding on, and thus you know what fly you should use. You also see how the insects are behaving and thus know how you should present your fly.Everything- well, most everything- is quite obvious. The challenge then becomes executing your technique: picking the correct pattern and presenting it so fish believe its the real thing. With nymph fishing, the where, what, and how are underwater and cant be seen. They're a mystery that requires deciphering if you are going to be successful. And to decipher this mystery consistently, you need to understand whats happening underwater- where fish feed, when they feed, how they feed, and what's available for them to eat. Then you need to apply the correct techniques to get an effective pattern in front of feeding fish in a natural-looking way. And finally, you need to be able to tell when a fish has taken your fly. To me, this is why nymph fishing is so interesting and challenging.
Nymph fishing is like a puzzle, and the pieces to this puzzle are there for those who are willing to look and know what they are seeing.

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