Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Suction dredge mining has been a scourge on California waterways for years and now the state of California is poised to open up our precious waterways to mechanized mining again. Please send a message to the California Department of Fish and Game and tell them to reject mining in our rivers and protect fish and wildlife.

Suction dredge mining can turn a clear-running mountain stream into a murky watercourse unfit for swimming in -- much less living in. Yet suction dredge mining has been proposed in supposedly safeguarded habitat for the federally protected Coho and Chinook salmon, steelhead, Pacific lamprey and green sturgeon.

Adding insult to injury, the California Department of Fish and Game has been using taxpayer money to subsidize suction dredge mining, spending more money processing new permits than it receives in revenue.

Suction dredge mining is a net loser for the state of California: It destroys our waterways, harms endangered fish and wildlife and wastes taxpayer money. Take action today and tell the Department of Fish and Game to protect California rivers and aquatic wildlife.

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  1. Great post, we have to protect our gamefish for future anglers.